The Rive-Centre Project

An exceptional and protected environment

Advocating an integrated environmental approach, Rive-Centre stands out as the real estate development that offers the largest amount of green space per residential unit in the Eastern part of the city.

In an effort to preserve its natural areas as much as possible, Rive-Centre developed a rigorous plan to control and integrate infrastructures and services. Thus, the location of the properties and traffic routes were carefully considered to ensure maximum respect for the ecological value of the area. In addition, electricity, natural gas, cable and telephone services are all underground.

Single-family and semi-detached homes

In phase 7 of the project, you will find single-family homes by builders Christian Alexandre Construction and Les habitations P.A. In phase 11 of the project, you will find semi-detached homes by builders Parmofab and Groupe Cartierville.


In phase 6 of the project, you will find triplexes by builder Les Habitations P.A. inc.

Rive-Centre, the numbers

$ 0 million
Economic impact
5 to 0 year
Completion schedule
Subsequent phases